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They call that day Te Sa ”. In the book Giao Chi(VietNam name in ancient), there is also a Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirtwritten: “The people of Giao Chi often gather into guilds, dancing, singing, eating and drinking for many days to celebrate a new planting season. They call it the Day of The Top, not only farmers, but also all the members of the Quan lang, God is involved in this festival… ”. Thus, it is clear that the traditional Tet holiday of the Vietnamese people originated from the agricultural culture. Lunar new year in Vietnam is already existed from Hong Bang era in 2879 B.C, so it happened before China invaded us a very long time ago. Two famous new year food of Vietnam are Bánh Chưng, Bánh Giầy are invented in Vietnam by the 18th Hung King named Lang Liêu.(Hung Kings is the Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirtto call Vietnamese King during Hong Bang era).

Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirt(Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirt)

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